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Speaking comes naturally to me and I love doing it. During my tenure at Maharishi University of Management, nearly 20 years, I spoke frequently at events and to very large audiences, as well as daily classroom talks. The students voted me Most Enlightened Educator in 1979 and 1981, and more times after that, but those in charge decided to give the award to others instead of always to me! And the faculty nominated me for another award. In June 1991 I received the Sears Roebuck Foundation Teaching Excellence and Campus Leadership Award.

At the Literature Reunion at MUM in September 2013, I gave a talk on my book The Flow of Consciousness. See my book page on this site for more about that. That talk shows me at my impromptu best, lively and entertaining. It was allergy season and my nose was itching. Try not to mind!

Click here to access that video.


This Youtube video is of me reading some of my poetry:


To schedule a talk to your group in person or via Skype, please email me and we can set up a time to talk about it. Talks to TM Centers are sponsored by the Maharishi Foundation and there is no charge to the Center. I travel quite a bit, so I may be in your area some time. Let us see what we might be able to work out. Also, you could play one of my videos on YouTube (search under my name), and I could Skype in for Questions and Answers.

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Some topics on which I might speak:

  • My book, The Flow of Consciousness, Maharishi's talks on literature and language.
  • Emily Dickinson and higher states of consciousness
  • Higher States of Consciousness in World Literature and Philosophy
  • The Archetypal Journey Within
  • Transcending and the Creative Process