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This is my personal story, my spiritual journey, the story of my life, and David's and our childrens' over the past 47 years.  The painting of Maharishi on the cover was done by my husband, David Orme-Johnson.

"Written with compelling language and a warm, honest personal voice, each chapter is touching and filled with knowledge. It's a riveting read." --Linda Egenes, co-author of The Ramayana: A New Retelling of Valmiki's Ancient Epic--Complete and Comprehensive.

“I’m really enjoying her book,” said Professor Steve Nolle of Maharishi University of Management. “Her stories are wonderful. It’s a problem because I should be doing other things, but I just can’t put her book down. I tell myself, ‘Just one more story.’ It’s full of wisdom and humor, it’s honest and true, and it’s a good lesson on how to live your life.”

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The book is now available in Fairfield, Iowa at the TM Info Center at 110 N. Main Street and at Revelations book and coffee shop. When I get back there I will make some arrangement to have it at the MUM Bookstore.

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4) The book is now available on Kindle  on Amazon in the US, Canada, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, England, Japan, Brazil, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand, Netherlands, and India. It will cost $9.99 or the equivalent in local currency. It has 48 photos in it and those that were in color are reproduced in color! It also has active hyperlinks if your device can support those. 

I will publish the book on Audible, hopefully the summer of 2017. I want to narrate it myself and that will take some organizing.

If you  don't have access to Amazon and my book, email me and I will explore options to mail it directly to you. Here are a few highlights from the book:

Fiuggi Citta, Italy 1972

Fiuggi Citta, Italy 1972

In the spring of 1972 David and I went to Fiuggi Fonte, Italy, to take the Transcendental Meditation Teacher Training Course. One day Maharishi sent for David. He and Keith Wallace and the national directors of the TM organization in England, Dr. and Mrs. Vincent Snell, were working on the idea of putting the scientific research on TM (and David's GSR study was one of the first) into a chart booklet.

Santa  Barbara, CA 1973

Santa  Barbara, CA 1973

After Teacher Training we were invited to Santa Barbara to found Maharishi International University. We worked on the MIU catalogue with Maharishi and began to offer courses. We lived on Mike Love's estate and spent a year there with our kids. This picture was Victor Raymond's attempt to get us all smiling in one shot for a Christmas card. Impossible!!

Maharishi invited us to Switzerland and we spent four years travelling with him and working on materials for the TM movement. At one point Maharishi went to pay a visit to MIU and invited us along. I hadn't seen my mother in some time and asked if she could join us at MIU for a few days. Maharishi readily agreed and insisted that a TM teacher from Cleveland escort her to Fairfield. My mother had visited us in Switzerland earlier and loved to be with Maharishi and she eagerly came. Here is a photo I recently discovered in a conference room at MIU (now called Maharishi University of Management, MUM). That is my Mom sitting against the wall with her purse on her lap. Jerry Jarvis is standing just in front of her. I am along the wall to the right, dressed in black and white.

Speaking of my Mom, here is a poem I wrote years later about a memory of one of her trips to Switzerland.

Sweet Mystery

"Oh," I sighed, complaining to my husband,
"She manages to visit at the busiest of times."
"Let her be with her grandkids," he counseled,
"And set up lunch with all your friends at work.
She'll be pleased," he added, neatly eliminating himself.

"Tell me," she queried, as we lingered at the table,
my mostly single friends and my widowed mom.
"What do you girls think of love and marriage?"

They looked at each other and flushed, then each one
confessed a desire to fall in love and marry some day soon.

"What do you think, with all your knowledge?" one asked.

She smiled from somewhere deep inside her memories
and whispered, "ah, sweet mystery." Then her eyes
looked through us to a meadow in western Russia
that bloomed with flowers some sixty years before.

"I was ten or eleven, I think, when an older girl

took me with her into the fields around our village.
She was tall and very pretty and somewhat nervous,
although I didn't mark it at the time, so flattered was I
by her attentions, so proud that she had chosen me.

"A young man appeared suddenly and took her hands,

and bent to kiss her on the mouth, and drew her close.
She flushed and quivered in his arms but did not try to leave.
Startled by the gestures and emotion, I gasped aloud,
and poised myself to leave and run back home.

"He saw me then and tried to send me off

with an irritated movement and angry words.
She turned against his chest and held my eyes,
and silently pleaded with me not to go,
desperate to have me there, yet not too close.

"I drew away a little and tried not to watch
as they murmured to each other and pressed together.

His hands dropped to her hips and she rose against him,
and I heard rough breathing as they kissed,
and felt his hot breath in my heart and soul.

"The tall grasses waved around my ears.
A sloughing sound came through the trees,

or from their sighs, or from my own, perhaps.
The air was thick with pollen and with the urgency
to create new life out of winter's near retreat.

"We walked back in silence. She blushed

and asked me not to tell and thanked me with a hug
for staying by her side in those green and blooming meadows.
Angry, excited, yet moved beyond mere words,I nodded.

"The mystery of it all, you know, the power and the glory

had me in their grip, though I didn't understand
what happens between a woman and a man,
and why she wanted me along, and how I knew to stay."
She paused and looked upon the group and smiled.

It's my turn now to let my eyes unfocus,

to peer through memories and dreams,
and see my mother as a person, a child, an old soul,

who stood once in a Russian meadow and looked at Love
and saw His power through young and innocent eyes.

The only other published part of my memoirs is a chapter in a recent book.

George Ellis interviewed me for his book Symphony of Silence and I recounted my first times with Maharishi and my introduction into the very foreign world of the Guru, the ashram, and world wide travel. What an adventure! 

Click here to see an interview with George








Do you remember any stories about me or my kids during those days in Switzerland? I would love to hear about them.
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