Travel Writing

  In the dining room of the Orsay Museum in Paris, August 2015

In the dining room of the Orsay Museum in Paris, August 2015

My first travel piece came flowing spontaneously out of my brain. I had difficulty keeping up with the flow as I wrote it down. Very little tweaking or rewriting. I had talked about the experiences it portrayed so often, it was as if the piece was already well rehearsed. 


Click here to see the article. I published it under a pen name, Frances Bonney.


Currently I am working on a series of articles featuring a spiritual journey through India. I will be visiting various mosques, temples, and other holy sites during January and February 2014. We are starting with a stop in Dubai and will visit the big mosque there, which offers tours to non-Muslims. The idea is to see what spiritual energy exists in these places and to experience it firsthand. I am anticipating writing a series of about 8 articles and am looking for ideas of where to send them. Let me know what you think. I am thinking travel editors of Sunday papers, Indian newspapers, and so forth. Any contacts, names, email addresses, etc. would be greatly appreciated. 


Email me! Thank you.